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CWC Response to Claremont Hills Wilderness Park Master Plan Draft (Sep 24, 2015)


Responding to the City of Claremont's call for public comment on its Draft Master Plan for the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, the CWC Board has analyzed the draft plan and formulated our responses to its various proposals.

The Wilderness Park is a valuable community asset that enhances quality of life and property values. The CWC Board of Directors is in general agreement with many of the recommendations in the City's draft of the Master Plan, but we recommend a stronger, more aspirational vision for the CHWP. 

The vision should include expansion of the park to preserve our local hillsides and contribute to a larger regional open space.

Sufficient sustainable funding should be made available to support the Park's operation and the implementation of the Master Plan. Funding sources should remain flexible, including outside grants and the City's General Fund.

Finally, the Master Plan should include an effective governance structure in order to specify how decisions will be made in response to new conditions and challenges that will inevitably arise in the future.

Note: The City of Claremont will hold an "open house"  community meeting on the CHWP Master Plan, on  Monday, September 28, from 6-9pm at Taylor Hall (1775 North Indian Hill Blvd.)  We encourage you to attend and share your perspectives on the draft master plan.

Click here to read the full CWC response to the Master Plan draft.

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