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Help Us Oppose Proposed Parking Restrictions that Would Limit Access to Johnson's Pasture (Sep 15, 2016)


Photo credit: Karen Gastineau

We in Claremont Wildlands Conservancy share a vision: to expand the Wilderness Park and to preserve it, as well as access to it, for passive recreation, now and in the future. Access to the Johnson's Pasture entrance to the Wilderness Park is in danger right now, and we need your help.

Some Claraboya neighbors are agitating for restricted parking zones at the northern end of Mountain Avenue--in Highpoint on the western side and along the streets south of Santa Catarina on the eastern side. Such restrictions would block auto access to Johnson's Pasture.

We need to show up in force to say NO! In doing so, we will be supporting the City staff report, which also recommends a NO vote. (It will be available on the City's website by the end of this week.)

The situation: Claraboya residents have experienced a recent increase in burglaries, and that is the key reason for their appeal for parking restrictions that would make it difficult for visitors to have access to Johnson's Pasture. However...

  • Wilderness Park visitors are not the culprits. In fact, they may keep the streets safer by their presence. The City suspects the burglars are from organized criminal gangs in the area.
  • Burglaries have increased throughout Claremont and the region. Claraboya is part of this trend, and restricting parking wherever there are burglaries in town will not solve the problem.
  • There's a better solution for Claraboya, which City staff will be proposing: with only one entrance/exit to Claraboya for cars--at the foot of Mountain Avenue--the City is offering to place a license-plate-reading camera there to thwart criminals.

Additional arguments against a restricted parking (RPP) zone at Johnson's Pasture:

  • City staff members have conducted recent parking and traffic studies in the area, which do not show a significant increase in traffic or parked cars. In fact, use is quite limited.
  • Overall, we Claremonters, who pay for our public streets, deserve the right to park on them! And we deserve to have access to Johnson's Pasture, which we are also paying for through a 2006 bond measure. The danger of a mushrooming of restricted streets in Claremont is real. Already residents bordering Higginbotham Park, Claremont Graduate University, and The Village have requested their own restricted parking zones. The City should not permit any further parking restrictions on our public streets!

For these reasons, the CWC opposes the effort to restrict Claraboya's public streets, and we advocate keeping access to Johnson's Pasture open. 

Please support us by adding your voice at the next Traffic and Transporation Committee meeting, to be held on Thursday, September 22 at 7:00pm at City Hall in the Council Chambers. We hope to see you there!

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