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Johnson's Pasture: A Special Place

Added to the Wilderness Park in 2007

Imagine a place ... with rolling hills, shady oak groves, and views that stretch for miles and miles. A natural place that you and your family can explore and experience together. A place where you can walk free under an open sky.

In the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains just north of Claremont, such a place does exist. A place where you can stand with the majestic San Gabriels to your back and the city at your feet.

That place is Johnson's Pasture ... known as the crown jewel of the Claremont hillsides that was saved from development and added to the city's Wilderness Park in 2007. It is a special place prized by hikers, cyclists and equestrians, where senior citizens and families with young children can stroll the gentle hillsides and experience the wildlife, beauty and history of our southern California heritage.

Although Johnson's Pasture has been saved, once other places like this are lost to development, they will be lost forever as an asset to our community.

The CWC is central to a vision of the future that ensures a high quality of life for all people -- a positive future characterized by clean water, open spaces, abundant and diverse wildlife, and opportunities to learn from the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Our commitment now will determine the quality of life available to our children and grandchildren and the generations to come.

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Did You Know?

Johnson's Pasture is home to at least 86 species of wild birds.

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